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  Who Should Get a Face Lift & Neck Lift

  Common age is between mid-40s to mid-70s.
  Fat and Sagging Facial Skin or Neck
  Folds of Skin on the Cheeks, Jawline and Neck
  Freshen up your look
  Need the results for an extremely long lasting (8-10 years)


  Why Should Get Face Lift & Neck Lift at MIRROR CLINIC

Surgeon focus on natural-appearing results. Customize face and neck lift plan for each individual patient depend exclusively on each patient’s preoperative anatomy. The facelift usually go with a neck lift and most of patients will frequently have additional procedures like brow repositioning, eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), and lip lift.



Those who undergo surgery will feel that their face looks naturally youthful. Cheek wrinkles are noticeably shallower, cheeks, cheekbones, temples, jaw and neck are lifted and tightened. It also helps stimulate collagen within the skin. The facial skin has been revitalized to be healthier than before. 

  Basic Information for DEEP PLANE FACELIFT & NECK LIFT
  Surgery time is around 3-4 hours.
  Anesthesia is given by an anesthesia nurse.
  Recover quickly and can return to normal life after 2 weeks.
  The wound is small. The location of the wound is hidden behind the ears and hairline.
Click Here   Reviews of FACELIFT & NECK LIFT  **Results may vary from person to person**

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