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History of Mirror Clinic

          With experience of over 15 years, the doctor has a desire to open the Mirror Clinic in order to be a clinic that focuses on modern medical technology and medical treatment by experts also the quality of international standards.

Quality Guarantee, Honest Service, Fair Price

          Mirror Clinic offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of both cosmetic and surgical clients.
         All of the tools and equipment that are tested and certified by FDA (USA) are credible and accepted worldwide. So customers can assure of safety and efficiency by the treatment of Mirror Clinic.
         Mirror Clinic will be honest, we will give customers time to listen to customer needs. The doctor will advise and tell the truth about the treatment. Describe the advantages and possible side effects (if any) for patients to expect real results.
         Recently, Mirror Clinic is known as the forefront of cosmetic surgery in Pattaya. With quality and fair price. We are confident that you will always be welcomed and served under the slogan of Mirror Clinic, Reflecting the Most Beauty of You.

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